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Exide Bikerz-VRLA range of batteries has been specially designed for the new generation two-wheelers. Conforming to Japanese Standard JIS D5302, the batteries have special features that meet the arduous requirements of two-wheeler riding on Indian roads


  • upper-sealed and spill proof with virtually no possibility of leak

  • Thicker Absorbed glass mat (AGM) separator with superior absorption and uniform compression makes the performance long lasting without water addition

  • Acid starved condition minimizes destructive ultra deep discharges and enables plate from shedding ensuring longer life

  • All acid is absorbed by special plates and AGM separators

  • Use of Advanced Lead-Calcium technology which boosts up starting power without water loss

  • Improved recharging efficiency with special paste recipe

  • Improved charge recovery capability from deeply discharged conditions

  • Superior component design gives longer shelf life and improved life cycle performance

  • Extreme vibration resistance especially designed for rough roads

  • Upgrade for motorcycles requiring the best performance

  • Better cranking performance and low self discharge

  • Available 'factory charged' ready to use

Exide Batteries for Two(2) Wheeler 

Exide Bikerz VRLA MODELS

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