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Breakdown Service at Shivareddyguda for Tata Heavy Vehicle

A new customer called to our service point Ghatkesar, his vehicle TATA Heavy Vehicle (Lorry) has occurred breakdown at Shivareddyguda which is near to Ghatkesar. One of our technicians went to the breakdown point with some necessary equipment. He started the vehicle by using the jumpstart method, but it was not started so, he checked the alternator. He found the problem in the alternator. It replaced the vehicle after repairing by replacing necessary components or spare parts to it. Later he again started the vehicle by using the jumpstart method. Then checked the battery condition and the other, the battery is filled with acid water or distilled water and kept some time for charging, after fully charged it was fitted to the vehicle. He felt happy with our quick response and service.

For more details contact: 9849735080.

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