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New Battery Replacement and Alternator Repair for Omni

A new customer came from Ghatkesar, with his Omni four-wheeler vehicle with a problem called vehicle is not starting. I checked the condition of the battery it was expired we can’t do anything for it to work normally. So have to replace a new battery. I suggested different batteries like amaron, Exide, etc. later he opted amaron battery. I replaced it with a new amaron 34B30L battery for the vehicle. After the New Battery installation again the vehicle is not starting so, checked the condition of the Alternator and Self Motor, self-motor is good in condition but the problem with the alternator. Later I repaired the alternator by replacing necessary spare parts like the cutout, Rectifier, and carbon holder in it. Now the problem was solved and the vehicle starting perfectly. He felt happy with our service.

For more details contact: 9849735080.

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